These will only be of interest to St Andrews colleagues.

Shortcut to open student record (Mac only)

Download the file Open Student and unzip it. Then select Go -> Go to Folder… from the Finder, and enter ~/Library/Services. Copy the file Open Student Record.workflow to that folder.

Open System Preferences, select Keyboard, then the Shortcuts pane, then the Services entry. The Text section should include Open Student Record - enable it if it isn’t already enabled.

Now you can select a student id in any document, right-click -> Open Student Record to go directly to the student’s record page. If you already have a number of services configured, the menu entry may appear within a Services sub-menu.

Summarise student credits

This summarises a student’s credits with respect to the various Faculty regulations. I’ve only tested it on Mac though I hope it should work on other platforms too.

  1. Create a new bookmark in your browser (instructions below if necessary). Call it e.g. “Summarise Credits” - the name doesn’t matter.

  2. Copy the entire line below:


  1. Paste it into the address part of the new bookmark.

  2. Go to the record page for a student, with the module grades displayed.

  3. Select the newly created bookmark. A credit summary should be displayed. If not, check that pop-ups are not being blocked.

  4. If this turns out to be useful you can move the bookmark to your bookmarks/shortcuts bar for easy access - details vary depending on browser.

  5. This is just a proof of concept, and hasn’t been well tested. If you find it doesn’t work at all, or the numbers aren’t right for a particular student, please let me know.

To create a new bookmark:

Safari (Mac):

  • Select Bookmarks -> Add Bookmark…
  • Enter name e.g. “Summarise Credits”
  • Select Edit Bookmarks and paste the string from step 2 above into the address
  • Select Hide Bookmarks Editor

Chrome (Mac):

  • Select Bookmarks -> Bookmark This Page…
  • Enter name e.g. “Summarise Credits”
  • Against Folder, select Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Right-click on bookmark in toolbar and select Edit
  • Paste the string from step 2 above into the URL

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Last Published: 12 Aug 2021.